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About US

    Beyond the Uncanny was Started in 2010, it was founded by CC and Co-founded by Kaitlin Densberger and Lisa Davis in Florida.
     Kaitlin returned back to Nebraska where she was raised and attended high school at NCHS. She Started her own Paranormal group named SENPR in late 2011 with her brother Shawn Densberger. SENPR is a sister company to Beyond the Uncanny which also has a branch in Nebraska as well. SENPR founder Kaitlin,Shawn and Beyond the Uncanny founder CC work together to continue investigating and researching the paranormal to prove life after death.


We will come out to your home or business FREE of charge and will investigate and do research of the property to provide you with our findings after all evidence has be reviewed. After the investigation we would be more than happy if you would like further contact with us for any questions that you may have about the Paranormal.


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